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Anna Covert is the founder and principal of Covert Communication, the largest digital marketing firm in Hawaii. An expert in advertising and marketing, she’s worked with hundreds of companies worldwide on both the client and agency sides, providing strategic consulting to Fortune 500 companies and fusing her traditional and online media experience into a unique and seamless approach to building next-generation marketing strategies. She is enthusiastic about navigating the digital media landscape and has extensive experience employing everything from wildly successful digital media campaigns to applying Google Analytics to traditional media planning.

Based in Honolulu, Anna is a passionate advocate for the solar industry. She is also a creative entrepreneur who has designed numerous technology solutions and products that solve problems for consumers and business owners as they engage online and offline.


Anna Covert is an unstoppable force in marketing and is recognized as an authority in all things digital. Passionate about spreading the word about best practices in online and digital marketing, she is the founder of multiple companies specializing in advertising, technology, and the solar industry.

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Anna Covert believes that everyone can master digital marketing. As the founder of Covert Communication, the largest digital marketing firm in Hawaii, she has helped hundreds of business leaders transform their digital media strategy, equipping them with high-impact insights and tactics that produce extraordinary results. Her clients have doubled and tripled their revenue year over year while spending less.

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At last, a one-stop spot to get the digital marketing direction business leaders and marketers need so desperately.

Jen Walsh, Sea Bright Solar

Leave it to Anna to try to take the mystery out of all that goes on in the digital marketing space. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Charles Wathen, Interbay Urban Developments

An indispensable read for professionals in marketing, design, and business. Covert uncovers the harsh realities of today’s digital marketing while presenting a proven, customer-first approach for the future.

Rye Zupancis, Data Visualization Instructor at Parsons School of Design

When attending a seminar with Anna Covert, the knowledge base was dynamic and exciting!

January Liddell, Xtreme 1 Financial

The need to self-regulate this realm has never been greater, and The Covert Code offers the tools to do just that!

Scott Aronson, former Vice President, BBB; CEO, SunRev, an Elite SunPower Dealer