Oversized postcards with custom solar systems shown on each homeowner’s roof

As Covert Communication worked with solar dealers across the country, they found that sales efforts became easier if homeowners had some connection with the brand prior to a sales call. Homeowners were much more receptive if they had an idea of what the system would look like on their home, what it might cost, and how much they could save over time.

For that reason, Covert Communication formed Aerial Impacts. It is a Direct Mail company that helps solar companies generate qualified leads for less. They can target thousands of homeowners with individualized 6 x 11 postcards featuring a custom solar panel design with their estimated annual kWh savings for less than a single cost-per-click in search marketing. Using Google Earth images, the team designs a solar panel system and calculates the cost and savings using the energy information from the solar dealer for the area they are targeting.

Dealers can supply a mailing list, or Aerial Impacts can source a list for about 15–20¢ per record. There is a suggested minimum of 3,000 addresses to make sure that the mailing results in numerous leads. A second mailing is also recommended to increase the frequency of the impressions made on the homeowner. Initial mailings, including design, customization, printing, mail prep, and postage, cost about $2 per piece. Costs go down for repeat mailings.

“We hear that potential customers react very positively to ‘seeing’ solar on their real roof,” stated Anna Covert, Principal of Covert Communication. “It has led to a huge number of leads and conversions for the dealers we work with.”

Coupled with an easy-to-navigate, informative website, knowledgeable sales staff, and a solar dealer’s team, Aerial Impacts is an extremely effective tool to get more leads, sits, and sales!


Anna Covert is an unstoppable force in marketing and is especially proficient in the digital space. She heads Covert Communication, a full-service advertising & marketing agency that specializes in online marketing but carries out all aspects of both traditional and the latest in marketing trends. As needs arose in aspects of advertising not normally seen under an ad agency umbrella, Anna and her team formulated new ideas and created the platforms to take them to market.