Paul Skellon, Marketing Leader at Pacific Air Cargo, in Deauville, France 2023.Paul Skellon: Marketing Visionary at Pacific Air Cargo

Since joining Pacific Air Cargo, Paul Skellon has been instrumental in transforming the company’s corporate culture, driving diversification, and forging innovative partnerships. Embracing out-of-the-box thinking, Paul has overseen the expansion of charter services, including FEMA flights during COVID, and has successfully navigated new markets with the nimbleness Pacific Air Cargo is known for. His efforts have extended to PAC RFS, enhancing the company’s reach and capabilities.

Marketing Freight Forwarding: Overcoming Challenges

One of Paul’s greatest challenges in marketing freight forwarding has been conveying a consistent service message across diverse mediums while differentiating Pacific Air Cargo from its competitors. Paul leverages all possible channels, from print and digital to direct marketing via MailChimp, even branding a B747-400, to ensure the company’s message is clear and compelling.

Building a Powerful Brand

Paul believes that credibility is at the heart of a powerful brand. Delivering on promises, having an easy-to-understand product or service offering, and maintaining clean and simple brand marks are crucial. Exceptional service delivered consistently helps build trust and loyalty among clients.

Initiatives at Pacific Air Cargo

Upon his arrival, Paul found virtually no marketing efforts in place. He introduced digital marketing, establishing accounts on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He also launched print advertising in targeted trade publications and high-end hotel and residential publications, focusing on decision-makers. Paul upgraded the company’s website, leveraged PR to spread the brand, and initiated “PAC Gives Back” philanthropy and sponsorship programs supporting various organizations like PHAM, Make-A-Wish, and Surfrider Foundation.

Internally, Paul spearheaded communication and culture change initiatives, including the MYPAC web portal and the bi-monthly full-color newsletter, Wala’au, fostering a sense of community and shared vision within the company.

Measuring Success and Staying Relevant

Conversions are the primary metric Paul uses to evaluate advertising success, along engagement with the brand for future purchasing decisions. Growth in cash sales is the ultimate goal. Staying relevant involves continuously adapting to industry trends and maintaining a forward-thinking approach.

Future of the Industry

Paul expects the industry to grow steadily over the following five years as a result of the development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), increased e-commerce, and more affordable aircraft. External factors like global conflicts, pandemics, and regulatory changes will play a significant role, but Paul remains optimistic about the industry’s potential.

Combating Digital Fraud

Paul has encountered increasing instances of phishing, with fraudsters becoming more sophisticated. His advice is to remain vigilant, especially with email communications, to safeguard against fraud.

To learn more about Pacific Air Cargo, visit and connect with Paul on LinkedIn.