Scott M. Aronson, CEO at SunRev, an Elite SunPower Dealer, smiling at an event with people in the background.

Meet Scott Aronson

CEO at SunRev, an Elite SunPower Dealer

Scott Aronson is a distinguished business leader known for engineering a historic turnaround at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). He led a BBB region from near insolvency to achieving the #1 position in percentage revenue growth across the entire system in the U.S. and Canada for FY/09 and FY/10. Under his leadership, the region achieved fiscal vitality and increased market penetration by 29%, even against severe recessionary forces.

Scott maintained double-digit growth for three consecutive years through a multi-pronged approach. He successfully tripled new sales revenue, nearly doubled total revenue, and quadrupled net income, establishing a new performance paradigm for the organization.

As the director of the BBB region, Scott led it to become the National Sales Leader (#1) in its category, previously ranked #8 out of 10. The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) recognized his outstanding performance at the U.S. annual convention for FY/09 and FY/10.

Scott’s innovative mindset led to the development of eight value-added programs and new revenue streams, leveraging core users by upselling and cross-selling. Notable initiatives include a SaaS/Google SEM/PPC campaign co-branded with BBB, which contributed 40% to new revenue creation, and a Fee-Audit Program that significantly increased pricing.

In just one year, Scott boosted retention income by 20% within highly recession-prone home services verticals by designing and implementing a multi-tiered Customer Service Awards Program. His efforts in these areas not only increased revenue but also enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Scott was selected to serve on BBB’s Western Regional Innovation and Marketing Committee, reflecting his commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. He was also the youngest ever recipient of the CBBB Certificate of Commendation in FY/96, ranking as the 2nd highest national salesperson out of 1,100+ sales executives in both gross dollars and number of sales.

Outstanding leadership, creative thinking, and a dedication to achieving exceptional results have all distinguished Scott Aronson’s career. His work has not only transformed organizations but also set new standards for performance and growth.