Jason Cutinella, Founder and CEO of NMG Network, standing in his office.Meet Jason Cutinella

Jason Cutinella is the Founder and CEO of NMG Network. After launching his career at McCann Erickson Worldwide as a media buyer for the Sony Pictures account and then transitioning to working on the client side of Sony Music International in New York City, Jason relocated to Hawai‘i in 2004 to pursue a master’s degree in communications from Hawaii Pacific University.

With a vision to transform the way that content is created and distributed in Hawai‘i and beyond, Jason founded NMG in 2009 in order to connect travelers and sophisticated urbanites to authentic experiences. To expand from print into digital content and reach new markets, Jason spearheaded the acquisition of Visitor Video Inc., Hawai‘i’s leading visitor industry video distribution company, to create NMG Network and enrich the company’s diverse storytelling capabilities.

In addition to his role leading NMG, Jason has served as Fundraising Chair of the Executive Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation (AAF Hawaii) and ‘Ohina Short Film Festival, and he serves on the American Heart Association fundraising committee.

When Jason is not driving his business pursuits, he can be found rooting for the US national team at World Cup outings with friends, searching to find the best park bench to relax, catching his thoughts, and dreaming big! And exploring his newfound love for snowboarding!