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    May The Code Be With You! Below outline some typos that I have discovered in the hard back copy of the book.

    Chapter 1
    Page 20 – “billed by CMP bid …” but should read CPM.
    Page 31 – “leverage points of difference” should be LEVERAGEABLE points of difference.Chapter 2
    Page 40 – “Leverage points of difference” should read LEVERAGEABLE points of difference.Chapter 8
    Page 154 – “laptops, tables (it should be TABLETS) and phones.”
    Page 156 – “how long does my average customer take from demo to contact” (it should be CONTRACT signed).
    Page 168 – “with a competitive CMP bid on…” but should read CPM bids.

    Chapter 9
    Page 179 – “with so many transactional conventions, social media” but should read CONVERSIONS.

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