#1 New Kindle Release in Online Advertising category on Amazon

Honolulu, HI, USA, June 21, 2024 Forbes published Anna Covert’s book, which debuted on June 18, 2024, and it has since risen to the top of its Kindle category on Amazon. The Covert Code: Mastering the Art of Digital Marketing, is now available online at  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and in WH Smith airport bookstores across the country.  

Author, Anna Covert, is the founder of Covert Communication, the largest digital  marketing firm in Hawaii. Her accomplishments, in addition to the book, are weekly blogs for Forbes and a podcast featuring clients, savvy marketers, and others. Over the past twenty years, Anna has become recognized in the industry as an authority in digital advertising and is known for her unwavering business ethics. She has worked with hundreds of companies worldwide in a wide range of industries, lending them her deep knowledge of the world of digital marketing. 

In support of the message of the book and to give readers the most current ideas about digital marketing, Forbes will publish a monthly blog from Anna on digital-related subjects like: Consumer Privacy: How Universal is Universal  

Consent? and FOMO and AI: Do You Have Fear of Missing Out? And more. 

For non-readers or those who want even more content, Covert is producing podcasts, also called The Covert Code, featuring case  studies, best practices, and more for businesses of all types. The podcasts showcase clients and high-level marketers and are learning experiences while being energetic and entertaining. 

“I am passionate about helping business owners navigate the world of digital marketing,” stated Anna Covert, Author, Podcaster, and Principal of Covert Communication. “With my book, I hope to protect businesses against unverified and sometimes unscrupulous digital marketing solutions.” 

Find out more about Anna, the book, the podcasts, and speaking engagements at: annacovert.com and thecovertcode.com