Jeff Szur, COO of Altitude Water, smiling and wearing a company-branded shirt.

Meet Jeff Szur

Jeff Szur, Chief Operations Officer, Altitude Water (, a leading manufacturer and installer of several types of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs), from residential and light commercial machines to heavy-duty military-grade machines that produce water anytime, anywhere. Szur is widely respected for his vast knowledge and skill in creating pure water, with which he has decades of experience. Szur’s expertise is recognized by The Weather Channel, the Red Cross, Environmental Directions with Nancy Pearlman, US Marines, Camp Le Jeune, World Vision, Noah’s Arc, Kahului, Hawaii Mission,, Oahu, Hawaii; Maka Project, Cameroon-Jean-Felicien, Gacha Foundation, Ecuador, Universidad de Catolica Guayaquil, and the first Solar/Water Disaster Relief partnered with New Use Energy Solutions (NUE), a Phoenix-based manufacturer of mobile solar solutions. 

Other successful clean water projects include The Water Awareness Project, Hurricane Idalia, Florida, outside Tampa; the Disaster Relief Trailer at Pu’uhonua o Nene Shelter in Kahului; Water Distribution in Our Community for the last 5 years during hurricane preparedness, Orlando Magic Advent Health Center; Solar Water Trailers in New Orleans; water for athletes at Sports Academy in Port St. Lucie; and Amy Grant Farm, Franklin, Tennessee. He has been a speaker and panel member for numerous water trade shows over the last 14 years, in addition to donating his time to various academic programs in schools throughout the United States. One robotics club won the most innovative award through Jeff’s tutelage.

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